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Troubleshooting 🔧

Sensus started to appear as unavailable in Homeassistant

For Sensuses shipped before 24 May 2023, there is a firmware and hardware bug where a failing temperature sensor on the soil probe will cause the whole device to lock up. A software workaround has been implemented starting with firmware version v0.0.2.


Unfortunately, due to a hardware bug in the Soil Probe, the steps below cannot fix the probe completely. That means, you will get the most important information, soil moisture, but soil temperature will no longer show up. A placeholder value of -100°C (-148°F) will appear instead.

To update Sensus to the latest version, follow these steps:

  • Download the latest sensus-cli release
  • Disconnect the probe
  • Connect Sensus via USB-C to your PC (make sure your cable supports data, as well as power) and press the reset button
    • Note: With the probe disconnected, you should see the LED on Sensus execute a startup sequence
  • Update Sensus to the latest firmware by opening a Terminal / Command Prompt where sensus-cli is located and running:
sensus-cli update --port <YOUR_COM_PORT>
  • Important wait until the CLI says that it successfully updated to the latest version. Do not disconnect Sensus mid update!

Now you can connect the Probe again. Sensus will now appear in Homeassistant.