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First Setup

When Sensus arrives at your doorstep, you will need to do some additional steps before properly using it.

If you do not have/need the soil sensor addon, feel free to skip directly to Step 3.

Step 0 - Isolate the Soil Probe


If you ordered before May 24, 2023 please add a smidge of hot glue or silicone over the soil probe's temperature sensor. Otherwise, if your soil contains a large amount of salts, soil temperature measurement might stop working after a few weeks/months.

Click to see what I mean. This step is only necessary if you ordered before 24 May 2023.
Isolate the temperature sensor

Step 1 - Prepare the Soil Probe

Choose one of the available cables, depending on your application, and then gently open the FPC connector found at the top of the soil probe.

Insert the cable with the blue side up. Make sure the cable is inserted all the way in.

Close the clamshell connector. You should feel a satisfying click.

Open the clamshell connector
Insert the cable (blue side up)
Close the clamshell

Step 2 - Connect the Soil Probe

The same steps as in Step 1 need to be done for Sensus, as well. However in order to do that, you need to remove the case first:

The case is easiest to remove if pushing up from the USB-C port
Insert the cable (blue side up)
Insert the top part of the case

Step 3 - Power up

You can power sensus either via a CR2032 battery, via USB-C or both. The easiest way to make sure everything works correctly is to plug in a USB-C cable. If everything is OK, the onboard LED should transition through all colors and then turn off.

Sensus powered via USB-C

Alternatively, you can open the back of the case to insert a CR2032 battery, as shown in the images below:

Rotate counter-clockwise to open
Insert battery with positive side up

Step 4 - Insert the soil probe

If you got a soil probe, now is the time to insert it in your plant pot:

Do not exceed the marker on the probe!

For proper functioning, please do not insert the soil probe deeper than the marking shows.