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Installing sensus-cli

What is sensus-cli?

The command-line program can be used to update and configure your Sensus. It can also be used for more advanced stuff, such as data logging from your Sensus with variable data collection rate, for calibrating the soil probe using a look-up table and for force-updating the device. For now, the CLI needs Sensus to be connected via USB-C, however work is in-progress to support a BLE connection, as well.

The command line program can be found on this Github page:


  • Python 3.10 or later
  • pip 22.0.0 or later

Simply open a terminal and run:

pip3 install git+

Then run sensus --help to verify that the CLI installed correctly.

Alternative install method

Alternatively, you can download a compiled 64-bit executable for Windows and Linux on the Latest Releases page.

If you are on Linux, you need to make the downloaded program executable, as well:

chmod +x sensus-cli-linux_x86_64

Then you can invoke the CLI by running

./sensus-cli-linux_x86_64 --help to verify that all works correctly.

In case of Issues, please don't hesitate to submit an Issue on Github.