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Homeassistant integration

Simply click the button below to open your Homeassistant Integrations tab:

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your integrations.

Due to Sensus using the BTHome data format, your device should automatically appear and present itself as configurable. If it doesn't, make sure you have the Bluetooth integration enabled in Homeassistant.

After you configure it, the Sensus device page will show something like this:

Entity explainations

Here's a table of all the entities and their respective meaning:

BatteryA flag indicating if the battery has a low charge or not. Will indicate "Low" when battery is getting dangerously low or when temperature is really low (due to batteries performing poorly in low temperatures)
HumidityThis is the relative air humidity, in percent, measured with the on-board SHTC3 sensor
IlluminanceThis is the illuminance level measured in lux with the on-board OPT3001 sensor
VoltageThis is the measured battery/supply voltage
Temperature 1This is the on-board temperature, in degrees Celsius, measured by the onboard SHTC3 sensor.

Note: This entity is called "Temperature" when no soil probe is connected.
MoistureProbe only - The soil moisture, in percent
Temperature 2Probe only - The soil temperature, in degrees Celsius

Example Homeassistant Config

This is an example of what you can do with Sensus. This is my own Plant dashboard at home.

To create this configuration, I have used the following Homeassistant integrations:

  • Openplantbook integration - for automatically getting the required values for soil moisture, temperature, etc. for each plant
  • Homeassistant Plant - an alternative plant component that fetches data from the Openplantbook integration
  • Flower Card - a nicer flower card to display information about a plant