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Data Logging

The logging functionality can be used if one wants to gather sensor data without having a Homeassistant install. Currently logging is done via USB-C, but BLE is in the works.

Logging is also used to calibrate the soil probe, as it is the only way to receive RAW probe measurement values.

To start a logging session, simply connect Sensus via USB-C and run:

sensus log --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --every 1s --output-file out.csv

--port portTrueThe port where Sensus is connectedCOM3, /dev/ttyACM0
--every timestringFalseHow often to retrieve data from Sensus. Not specifying means data is retrieved only once10s, 1m30s, 30m, 1h
--output-file fileFalseCSV file where to store the measurements. Optionally, one can use STDOUT redirection instead of this option ( > outfile.csv )data.csv

For more information you can consult the help page of the logging functionality:

sensus log --help