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Homeassistant compatible, Wireless Plant 🪴 and Environment ⛅ Sensor with 1 year battery life


Plug-and-play 🎮

Sensus was designed with Homeassistant in mind. Just power it up and it will appear as a new integration. Of course, you can also use it without Homeassistant.

Packed full with sensors 👃

A variety of sensors are present: Temperature🌡️, Relative Air Humidity💧, Illuminance⛅, Supply Voltage⚡, as well as Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature. And more can be added via the expansion interface.

Low power 🔋

Sensus can run for up to 1 year when powered from a inexpensive CR2032 battery (included) or indefinitely when powered via USB-C.

Bluetooth Low-Energy 📡

Data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth Low-Energy, so you don't need expensive Zigbee Hubs. The transmission range is up to 100m.

Capacitive Soil Probe 🌱

Replaceable soil probe measures how wet the soil is using a capacitive method. Also provides soil temperature🌡️ so you know just how cold it is at the plant's roots.

Upgradeable and configurable 🧰

Sensus can be updated using sensus-cli. This application can also be used to configure the device, as well as calibrate the Soil Probe.


Can't believe this is a feature in 2024. Used for logging additional data from Sensus, as well as updating and configuring Sensus.

Expandable 🧩

The Soil Probe is just one of many planned addons for Sensus. For example, I plan to support the Adafruit STEMMA Soil Sensor, as well. Other addons are in the works!

Made in the EU 🇪🇺

Sensus is made in Cluj-Napoca, the informal capital of Transylvania, in a one-bedroom apartment.